New Canadian Streaming Service, Crave, to Thrill with HBO’s Latest

New Canadian Streaming Service, Crave, to Thrill with HBO’s Latest

Canadian streaming fans will certainly be delighted with the announcement that Crave, a new streaming service in the country, is arriving soon. Canada’s Bell Media has confirmed the news.

On November 1, 2018, CraveTV, the existing streaming service of Bell Media, and The Movie Network would merge. Both services are re-branding with Crave as their offshoot.

The company announced that it created the new streaming offering for Canadians with the availability of the latest episodes of HBO shows as among its key features.

Canadian audiences will be able to stream these contents of the premium cable network as they are broadcasted in real time.

Crave is reckoned as the ultimate game changer. Canadian audiences will be able to stream HBO films and shows just like streaming Netflix and without the need for a cable subscription

Premium contents like “Westworld,” “Big Little Lies,” and “Game of Thrones” will now be available for them to enjoy.

This development is a first in the history of entertainment in the North American territory. Crave’s content offerings can be viewed on any streaming device like mobile phones or laptops that connect to the Internet.

For a monthly subscription fee of C$19.98 ($15.26), Crave subscribers will get all access to films, specials, and the episodes of the latest HBO series as they air.

Existing subscribers of defunct CraveTV can continue with their C$9.99 monthly subscription ($7.63). This consists of HBO programming but excludes the latest episodes.

Members of the streaming service which now are Crave customers have the option of paying an extra C$10 ($7.64) per month to avail the on-going HBO episodes.

Crave’s HBO offering is viewed as a welcome development for consumers. In the past, HBO’s shows were only accessible through a subscription to the premium cable firm.

CraveTV, Bell Media’s existing streaming service, would only present past seasons of HBO series on the Internet.

However, with the arrival of Crave, Canadian audiences would now enjoy HBO content – old and the latest – anytime and anywhere they wish to.

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