Justin Trudeau on Netflix’s Promised Quebec Investment: Be Patient

Justin Trudeau on Netflix's Promised Quebec Investment: Be Patient

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau assured the Quebecois TV and film professionals that Netflix would fulfill its investment promise in the Canadian province.

This statement comes when he was questioned by Dany Turcotte, co-host of “Tout le Monde en Parle,” about the reason why Netflix has not made any key investments in Quebec.

Turcotte observed that there has been no development since Netflix’s major announcement regarding investing in the French-speaking Canadian province.

In September 2017, the American streaming service behemoth committed C$500 million (about $382 million) on Quebecois TV shows and movies.

The investment would transpire over five years in both French and English languages. Turcotte’s remark is echoed by unions and production firms based in Quebec.

Directors, actors, and writers who make up these organizations confirmed that they have not heard any of Francophone content by Netflix being made in the province.

After one year of waiting, the Quebecois writers, directors, and performers are still awaiting for a huge project.

They believe the multi-million Canadian-dollar worth of pledge was supposed to be a huge opportunity given by the streaming service giant.

Gabriel Pelletier, who represents the union comprising 700 TV, movie, and web-based directors in the Canadian province, expressed his disappointment.

He conceded that it takes significant time to create content projects.  However, Pelletier cited that there should at least be some agreements for developing these things by now.

Mindful that Netflix “created an expectation,” Helene Messier, the chief of the organization representing cultural producers, remains optimistic.

She said that she believes the streaming service behemoth would deliver, although at an unspecified date.

Culture is an important matter in the French-speaking Canadian province. Thus, it was not surprising that the Canadian prime minister was interrogated about this issue.

To show that it has not forgotten its commitment to Quebec, Netflix pointed to two latest projects involving French-speaking performers.

The streaming service acquired the rights to “Les Affames,” a 2017 movie. It is scheduled to be presented on the platform next year.

Moreover, the company intends to record four comedians for the upcoming Just for Laughs comedy festivity in Montreal.

Quebecois content industry professionals find these as auspicious developments from Netflix, yet they are expecting funding of Quebecois TV series or films.

Netflix informed that it is always on the observation for the best content and there is more to come.

Besides its multimillion-dollar commitment comprising TV shows and films in both French and English in Quebec, it is investing in market development.

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