YouTube Reported to be Available on Nintendo Switch This Week

YouTube Reported to be Available on Nintendo Switch This Week

Hints of YouTube becoming available starting this week in Nintendo Switch are making streaming and video-gaming enthusiasts excited.

According to ResetEra forum, a medium for discussing gaming news and announcements, the video-sharing and streaming application is coming to the gaming console on Thursday, November 8.

The notice from the website shows a screenshot of the YouTube application’s logo and the date of its supposed launching on the gaming console.

Some owners of Nintendo Switch have reported to see the YouTube application prompts in NintendoHome. This French website has its users encountering the suggested application.

All of these events clearly imply that the video-sharing service would be launched soon. YouTube has been the premier video streaming provider. As such, owners of Nintendo Switch have long requested for its inclusion to the hybrid console.

The video-sharing platform recently ceased the operations of YouTube Gaming, folding some of the application’s properties into a new gaming component on its official website.

The YouTube application would serve as a welcome addition to the gaming device. Though playing local video and music files are not supported as of the moment, Nintendo Switch actually has video streaming capabilities.

It already has the Hulu application. The platform that is a joint venture of AT&T, The Walt Disney Company, and Comcast, Hulu is so far the largest streaming application present in the gaming console.

Other Nintendo products already have the YouTube and Hulu applications, and other related ones like Netflix and Spotify. They can already be accessed by Wii U and Nintendo 3DS owners.

The variety of video games available in the portable Nintendo Switch gaming handheld has thrilled fans of the device.

However, they believe that they will appreciate their handheld more if it consisted of media player capabilities just like the Nintendo Developers System.

In January, Netflix updated owners of Nintendo Switch that they are still exploring the opportunity of having their application available on the console.

NicoNico was the first video streaming service introduced as part of Nintendo Switch. It gained massive popularity in Japan and was silently followed by Hulu.

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