AT&T to Penalize Chronic Piracy Offenders by Terminating Service

AT&T to Penalize Chronic Piracy Offenders by Terminating Service

AT&T is reported to take strict action against customers who are repeat violators of copyright infringement.

Representatives from the world’s largest telecommunications provider relayed that the company intends to soon stop serving certain customers.

These are those who have recurrently downloaded copyrighted content, even if they have received nine warnings already to stop what they are doing which the company deems illegal.

This move would be a crucial step for AT&T. The Internet service provider (ISP) created its own piracy rules in 2017 after the end of the Copyright Alert System.

AT&T issues alerts to consumers, apprehending them upon catching doing piracy acts. In the following days, the company is reported to warn over a dozen customers that it believes are recurrent copyright infringement offenders.

Within the coming week, these notices are expected to be issued. They mention that AT&T recently acquired Time Warner.

Hence, the ISP has also acceded the latter’s own content network which is WarnerMedia. AT&T has remarked about initially educating the “small number” of copyright violators.

The ISP gets the notices from content owners like rights organizations. These groups identify the offenders chronically sharing pirated material.

Upon penalizing repeat piracy offenders, AT&T will inform these delinquent customers about the upcoming termination of their service.

The outcome of this measure will force these users to look for a new service provider. Internet users are expected to be severely impacted by AT&T’s possible crackdown.

Plenty of these customers are reported to be returning to copyright infringement following a few years of intense legal usage of streaming services.

The surge in Bittorrent traffic was included in the October 2018 international Internet report released by Sandvine, a Canadian data and research center.

The study discovered that the Americas account for the second highest surge in Bittorrent traffic.

In addition, in the United States, plenty of customers possess one Internet service provider option only that covers their area. This issue makes the possible loss of access especially inconvenient.

It is in the theory of Sandvine that the heightened streaming services fragmentation and the rise in distribution of exclusive content may have been the propellers why consumers turn to piracy.

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