Comcast’s Probable Streaming Service Will Be for Broadband Clients

Comcast's Probable Streaming Service Will Be for Broadband Clients

As more media and telecommunications conglomerates join the popularity of streaming services, Comcast Corporation has made up its mind about this trend.

Reliable news sources like the CNBC cited that the telecommunications firm intends to introduce a new offering.

The decision of Comcast comes as the online video streaming market becomes increasingly enticing and lucrative, as exuded by Netflix.

Expected to be available by the coming year, the streaming product of Comcast will be sold to its broadband-only customers.

Comcast’s streaming service will initially be a set-top box. It will also include a voice-activated remote control.

Moreover, the streaming platform can be transformed into an application itself. At this point, Comcast has not made the decision yet on exactly how many applications will be accessible through the gadget.

Through Comcast’s streaming product, customers will be able to aggregate some applications. Among these video streaming platforms include YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, and Netflix.

The equipment will also allow the subscribers to control anything inside the house that is linked to the Internet.

As Comcast intends to have the streaming device to be the center of households with Internet connectivity, it is believed to have capabilities like controlling smart locks and thermostats.

The company is yet to decide on the monthly subscription fee for the streaming product.

Unlike Comcast’s X1 platform, its new streaming product will not offer cable TV. Nonetheless, it will provide users the choice to rent TV shows and films.

Also, subscribers will be allowed to upgrade to a Comcast video plan. The Comcast streaming product is believed to be not a threat to Apple TV or Roku.

It will not facilitate the subscribers to access over a hundred applications, including streaming TV services such as the Sling of Dish and the DirecTV Now of AT&T.

Those bundles are direct rivals to the video bundle of Comcast. If the company permits its customers to avail those bundled over-the-top services, it would not be able to offer its video service to its Internet-only subscribers.

In the third quarter, Comcast gained 334,000 residential broadband customers. The company views broadband as the primary growth propeller of its telecommunications venture.

Comcast has approximately 25 million total home broadband subscribers to date.

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