Mubi Aims to Stand Out as an SVoD Service with Curated Art Films

Mubi Aims to Stand Out as an SVoD Service with Curated Art Films

Mubi founder Efe Çakarel does not intend to compete with streaming service giant, Netflix. The subscription video-on-demand (SVoD) head wants to be different.

He said that Mubi had been serving cinephiles since 2007. Çakarel remarked that his firm has started to expand in recent years.

The Turkish-born entrepreneur observed that when he started Mubi, it was also at the same time as the now-defunct SVoD platforms like the recently shuttered FilmStruck.

Mubi is demonstrating itself as not another Netflix. Its monthly subscription fee costs $8.99. A yearly subscription to the streaming service co-funded by the European Union opens access to just 30 handpicked movies per month.

This makes it different from Netflix in the sense that viewers will not just consume any content they want.  Mubi is all about curated movies.

Every film is available for a month’s duration, and viewers can download everything. In addition, they can rate and review the content they have just seen.

The recent introduction of the Mubi Go application in the United Kingdom enables subscribers to watch movies in partner cinemas without paying an amount.

With one film weekly, these movies offered are independent of the streaming service. A few years back, Mubi was almost the same as FilmStruck.

It operated as an alternative streaming provider, offering movie aficionados the access to festival, international, cult, and classic films.

Çakarel cited that the SVoD firm’s shift to “hyper-limited curation” is responsible for Mubi’s success.

At the moment, the company would not disclose its official paying customer numbers, though it remarked that it is the largest standalone SVoD company in the world.

Moreover, Çakarel said that Mubi has a conversation with 600,000 lovers of movies. Mubi is also reportedly the fourth largest SVoD service in the United Kingdom, behind Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Now TV of Sky.

The Mubi CEO revealed his significant learnings as an SVoD operator. He said that content itself does not suffice to be different.

Çakarel opined that even if a streaming service has unique content, huge firms like Netflix would later have them, too.

He understands that streaming enthusiasts would not give up their Netflix subscriptions. However, the Mubi CEO is proud to say that his SVoD firm is a complimentary service with great customer retention.

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