Apple Device Owners to Enjoy Netflix More via Updated App, Controls

Apple Device Owners to Enjoy Netflix More via Updated App, Controls

To heighten the convenient engagement of video streaming enthusiasts, Netflix has launched new features on its video streaming application, particularly on devices manufactured by Apple.

The subscription video-on-demand (SVoD) company has introduced the newest version of its iOS application.

This Netflix update brings it to version 11.12.0 on Apple gadgets. It is available for users of Apple products like the Apple TV, the iPad, and the iPhone.

Together with this development are more improved functions which will encourage movie marathons among video-streaming aficionados.

For better navigation, the latest rendition of the Netflix application includes forward and back ten-second controls.

These buttons can also be used by double-tapping the right or left portions of the screen.

Furthermore, Netflix audiences will notice that the company has increased the sizes of the play/pause control with labels.

The company reckoned that this new feature would enable the viewers to choose new episodes and to turn on the subtitles fast.

The playback functionalities of the SVoD platform are now similar to the playback options of YouTube.

Cinephiles will enjoy the application more since most of them are accustomed to these features of the Google-owned video-sharing platform.

Previously, when video streaming aficionados apply the playback options of YouTube on the Netflix application, they would find themselves zooming into the screen of their streaming device.

This time-consuming occurrence may exasperate most audiences who equate SVoD services to worry-free, convenient, and instantaneous entertainment.

Besides the latest update on Netflix’s iOS application, another feature is included in the SVoD application.

Movie fans will find a row of names at the bottom of the screen. Besides the “Audio and Subtitles” menu and the “Episodes” list, they will find a “Next Episode” function.

This button enables the audiences to more easily and rapidly move on to the succeeding episode of the content they are watching.

These refreshed media controls and developments take Netflix into the next level. It is now nearer to its TV equivalent.

Viewers will find themselves having a more consistent encounter as these new features would facilitate better entertainment experiences.

To download the Netflix iOS application with enhanced features for free, users will have to visit the Apple application store.

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