Apple Is Thinking of Releasing a TV Dongle for Streaming Service

Apple Is Thinking of Releasing a TV Dongle for Streaming Service

Apple is reported to be thinking about introducing an affordable streaming adapter.

The TV dongle is the same device like the Google Chromecast stick, the Amazon Fire TV stick, and the Roku streaming stick.

The low-cost gadget is reported to be helpful for the technology firm to gain a larger audience share for its still unnamed streaming service.

The video streaming offering of Apple is expected to be launched in the coming year. At this point, the iPhone manufacturer has not commented on the circulating news.

The living room entertainment system of Apple is presently concentrated on its signature display technology, the Apple TV.

This equipment has its price set starting at $149 and above. Customers who desire to watch the 4K video will have to pay about $179 or even a higher price because of this upmarket feature.

These costing levels make the Apple TV more expensive than most competing products. For instance, the Chromecast streaming adapter of Google is retailed with a cheap $35 price tag.

For $40, Roku is offering its 4K-capable streaming adapter to streaming enthusiasts. During the Christmas season, the prices are even more affordable for digital entertainment customers.

For this week’s Black Friday shopping affair, streaming adapters are sold at a giveaway price of as low as $20.

Budget-friendly prices have assisted the rivals of Apple like Amazon and Roku in beating the software company in the TV realm easily.

Earlier this year, the Texas-based market research firm, Parks Associates, revealed that Roku owns the 37 percent market share for streaming gadgets.

Amazon comes at second place with 28 percent. With just around 15 percent, Apple ranks third.

The iPhone X maker is still to make some announcements, confirming its agenda of introducing a TV streaming adapter.

Apple is interested in expanding its digital entertainment business. In recent months, it has been occupied with inking deals with content makers.

It has signed agreements with talk show luminary, Oprah Winfrey, and other key players in the entertainment industry to produce content for its impending over-the-top offering.

Apple is yet to disclose relevant information about the streaming service.

Customers will have to wait to learn more about the cloud-based entertainment service’s costing and whether it will be a component of any of Apple’s existing products.

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