ESPN Struggles from Cord-Cutting’s Impacts, Bleeds 2-M Customers

ESPN Struggles from Cord-Cutting’s Impacts, Bleeds 2-M Customers

Sports TV channel, ESPN, has lost its grip of roughly two million US-based customers over the past 12 months.

This development is based on the newly released yearly report of The Walt Disney Company, ESPN’s parent organization.

For the 2018 fiscal year, Disney’s report tallied the total domestic subscriber numbers of ESPN which currently stands at approximately 86 million.

These figures are apparently two million lower compared to the 88 million customers recorded by Disney on its 2017 fiscal report.

The family and youth-oriented Disney Channel also join ESPN on its adverse experience of losing subscribers.

Its consumer numbers dwindled to 89 million from last year’s 92 million. Another pay-TV channel feeling defeated is Freeform.

This network which is jointly owned by Disney and the ABC TV Group witnessed its subscriber statistics drop by two million to the 90-million level.

Disney XD, which currently has 71 million customers, and Disney Junior with 69 million, both shed three million consumers.

The subscriber counts are attributed to the calculation performed by the major international measurement and information firm, Nielsen Media Research.

Nielsen’s findings pointed out that most pay-TV channels are struggling due to the prevailing trend of cord-cutting.

Disney is not the only one among the giant media firms that are experiencing the effects of this progression.

Customers of major cable TV players have hurt these pay-TV companies by cutting the cord and moving on by availing streaming services like Netflix for their entertainment.

Earlier this year, Disney launched the streaming service, ESPN Plus, as a method to catch up with the popularity of over-the-top services and revealed that it gained one million customers.

Considering their industry-leading position, the fate of Disney and its subsidiary, ESPN, have long been viewed as a key measurement of the pay-TV industry.

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