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TiVo Plus Launches Today, TiVoâ€s New Streaming Service


SAN JOSE, Calif. – TiVo Plus launches today, the new ad-supported streaming service today by TiVo, and the companyâ€s answer to the Roku Channel.

Earlier in the month, TiVo has already released two new models of the TiVo Edge, their DVR in line with TiVoâ€s plans on better ad-supported streaming while the all-new TiVo Plus launches tday. The freshly launched streaming service is available to users to stream free of charge, the same as with The Roku Channel, Movie on Us by Vudu, and TUBI. However, unlike all other platforms, the TiVo Plus will only be exclusively available to TiVo device owners.

The new ad-supported streaming service will give TiVo device users a wider range of entertainment channels and content to browse. They will now have access to a variety of shows including Americaâ€s Funniest Home Videos, Outside TV+, TMZ, PowerNation, Food52, FilmRise, FairArmy, Ameba, Hellâ€s Kitchen, Baeble Music, BatteryPOP, Journy, Kid Genius, The Preview Channel, Complex, The Pet Collective, The Asylum, Unsolved Mysteries, and many others.

According to TiVo, there will be thousands of TV shows and movies available for streaming for all TiVo users in an app-free setting. Aside from what is already available in their platform, TiVo has also made deals with Loop Media, Newsy, Gannett, Revry, Latido Music, Mobcrush, and Tastemade for even more content for the TiVo Plus.

While the streaming service is closely being compared with The Roku Channel, the two platforms has some obvious and significant differences. The interface of TiVo Plus, for one, isnâ€t as well designed as that of The Roku Channel. TiVo Plus also have its content organized in a way that highlights the publishers while The Roku Channel mostly concentrates on curating content for free streaming.

The TiVo Plus service came about through the partnership of the company with Jukin Media, XUMO, and other publishers. And although the TiVo Plus lunches today as a free service, buying the device to experience the service is not.

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