AT&T TV Raises Price for Older NOW Grandfathered Customers

AT&T TV Raises Price for Older NOW Grandfathered Customers

DALLAS, Tex. – AT&T released two new packages early this year, plus, significantly hiked the price for their grandfathered packages. And now, AT&T TV raises price for their older customers once again.

A statement from a spokesperson said that AT&T TV raises price for older and now grandfathered packages to accommodate the cost of delivery of their contents to their customers. In addition, customers can contact their team any time for account changes or for reviewing their current plans.

Starting this morning, AT&T has already spread the news of the price hike they are trying to enforce. They have already started sending their AT&T TV NOW customers notifications, stating that their discounted price will no longer be available. Furthermore, the message also informs their customers the new price for those who subscribed to their older Go Big package or other grandfathered packages, which are now raised to $85, or more.

Although the AT&T TV price hike notifications have started to roll out, some subscribers may not have received theirs yet because of their different billing cycles. However, AT&T is required to provide at least 30 days of notice to their customers before any price change is enforced.

A copy of the email notification that customers received from AT&T TV NOW states that the increase in their programming costs by the next payment. However, the price increase will not include the add-ons cost such as premium channels and 3rd stream. It will also not affect the discounts that the user accounts have already received.

Some customers who received the AT&T TV NOW email notification for the price increase included a $25 discount for early subscribers, which they can keep. But some customers have emails without the $25 discount. As AT&T raises price to their grandfathered subscribers, some customers are taking it on social media to share about the almost 100% price increase of their service in less than two years.

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