AT&T’s TV Now Streaming Service, Increases Prices Yet Again

AT&T’s TV Now Streaming Service, Increases Prices Yet Again

DALLAS, Tex. – AT&T’s TV Now streaming service is yet again aiming for a price hike, AT&T already confirmed the news.

AT&T TV Now has recently increased the price of some of their older and now grandfathered services. Now, they are set to bump up not just their older services, but the new ones as well to as much as 30%. AT&T already confirmed after the news broke out that some of their services will get a price hike, particularly the $50 Plus tier, which will now be $65 per month, and the $70 Max tier going for $80.

The new price hike for AT&T TV Now will affect both existing and new customers of the streaming service. No one is getting grandfathered in their new price hike this time around.

AT&T TV Now has been increasing prices for their services as of late. Just earlier this year, the company upped its subscription plans, introducing the latest Plus and Max tiers. That also included upping their rates. However, during that price hike, existing AT&T TV Now subscribers were still able to pay for their current subscription plans.

The continual price increase of the company aims to make its services more profitable, even with the decrease in subscribers. That is after AT&T’s TV Now streaming service ended with 1.6 million subs count at the end of 2018, from their 1.8 million from that year’s 2nd quarter.

AT&T TV Now isn’t also the only streaming service that is bumping their price up after a new service launch. Sling TV, YouTube TV, Playstation Vue, and Hulu with  Live TV also did the same to help cover their increasing programming costs.

All the price change of AT&T’s TV Now streaming service will take effect on November 19th and will take effect on their new Plus and Max plans as well as the legacy plans which hiked up $10 per month.

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