YouTube TV Sets Price Hike for Their Showtime Offer

YouTube TV Sets Price Hike for Their Showtime Offer

SAN BRUNO, Calif. – YouTube TV sets price hike for customers who have Showtime included in their subscription plans.

YouTube TV has already started sending notifications and contacting their subscribers to inform them of the price increase for their plans with Showtime. Before this new price hike takes effect, Showtime was offered as a part of the subscription plans for YouTube TV for a discounted $7 price per month, much lower than any other live TV streaming service offers.

With the price hike news, this will cause a $4 increase, making Subscribers pay around $11 for their Showtime plans a month. Although YouTube TV sets a price hike, it will only bring them into the same service price for Showtime that other streaming services offer, such as fuboTV, Hulu Live TV, and Playstation Vue.

Before this news of price increase, YouTube TV originally set their paid plans with Showtime at $11. However, they cut it down to a discounted rate of $7 per month back in June. And as a promotional offer, this service was also offered to many YouTube TV subscribers free of charge, until September 5th. With the price increase set to take effect, it seems that the promotional offer is ending.

Showtime, as part of a YouTube TV streaming plan, will give subscribers access to Showtime Originals shows such as Shameless, Homeland, and Ray Donovan as well as countless other mainstream movies.

Fortunately for YouTube TV subscribers not willing to pay for the additional costs for Showtime, YouTube TV doesn’t have a long-term contract. It means current subscribers can drop Showtime from their subscription plans whenever they want, and if the latest price is more than what they want to pay.

From the notification sent to subscribers as YouTube TV sets price hike, the new $11 price for Showtime will take effect starting November 21. Subscribers will see the price change in their next bill after the 21st.

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