Amazon’s News App Launches for Amazon Fire Tablets and TVs, to be Ad-Supported

Amazon’s News App Launches For Amazon Fire Tablets and TVs, To Be Ad-Supported

SEATTLE, Washington – Amazon had just launched an official news app for Fire tablets and TVs, eliminating the need to use an internet browser to go to news websites. Amazon’s news app is to be a dedicated program that streamlines the viewing process, allowing users to simply select their preferred news source, and quickly proceed to watch their broadcasts.

Amazon’s news app, simply named the “News” app on Fire TV and tablet, is available free of charge on the Amazon Appstore, to be supported by advertisements (it is not clear at this time whether a “premium” ad-free version will become available).

The app is set to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the recently launched Plex news aggregator, as well as similar services offered by competitors.

The release of this app comes with the rise of cord-cutting, responding to the increasing preference of news audiences to stream news at the time of their choosing, instead of trying to catch the early morning and evening timeslots on TV.

The increased convenience and cost-efficiency of cord-cutting news content is another advantage desired by audiences that offerings like Amazon’s and Plex’s news apps cater to.

Although the app had already been launched, Amazon had said in the statement that the app itself would “begin appearing” on users’ devices “in the coming weeks.” It is because unlike regular apps, Amazon’s news app will appear on Fire TV users’ home screen.

The app was announced to be fully customizable according to both news sources and news categories that interest the user.

Additionally, users will be able to browse news stories, both from outlets they subscribe to and those that are trending at the time all without pausing the broadcast that they’re currently watching.

Users will also be able to watch live news from Yahoo News and CBS News Live, under a dedicated tab named “Live” in the app. Stories, as well as news articles and videos categorized under such – popular categorizations as Tech, Business, Sports, Entertainment, Politics, etc., will also be sorted under their own tabs in the app.

Users can begin customizing the app as soon as they launch it on their device, as they encounter prompts asking them about the news outlets and categories that they would like to see on their app.

An extensive roster of mainstream news outlets is available to access on the app, including such big names as Al Jazeera, Bloomberg, and CBS, alongside more niche outlets such as Huffington Post, Reuters, and Sports Illustrated.

At present, the app is undergoing implementation on devices based in the US. There is still no word on when it will be made available to devices outside of the country.

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