Lawmaker Cites Consequences if FCC Doesn’t Tighten the Ropes Around Effective Competition Status

Lawmaker Cites Consequences if FCC Doesn't Tighten the Ropes Around Effective Competition Status

Washington, DC – The ongoing subscription-based streaming services wars are continuously changing the landscape. As more companies are diving into the bandwagon, one person is foreseeing unpleasant consequences to come soon, and he is delivering his arguments to the FCC.

Senator Ed Markey is expressing this concern to the FCC as he tackles the petition of AT&T to have its AT&T Now, a video streaming service, categorized as effective competition to Charter cable systems.

AT&T Now, if granted with this status, will then be able to join other legacy TV services in dictating its prices – in short, its basic rates aren’t regulated anymore.

Senator Markey is citing several concerns when this happens, creating a movement that will not only shape the current platforms for video streaming services and the entertainment industry in general but also the costs to subscribe sky-rocket, too.

A number of technicalities are surrounding the petition, which are also major proponents of the arguments supporting the petition. Being categorized as an effective competition to multi-channel video services would mean losing control over rates that will affect the consumers and kill either of the industry.

Formerly DirectTV Now, AT&T Now, alongside other former cable channel providers, are seeing value-added video streaming services as the future of television. In the current governing laws, shifting to adopting this new technology would also mean more potential innovations in the creation and delivery of video-based content. This is the result of lifting rate regulations that would enable them to invest in more features continuously.

While the government is addressing the surrounding and arising issues, exclusive programming already amasses a steady following. Are we seeing the future of video programming unfolding before our eyes? Are Senator Markey’s arguments holding a promising future, or are genuinely valid points to compel lawmakers to reconsider the existing regulations to be amended? Time will tell.

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