AT&T TV NOW Lost 100k+ TV Subscribers in Q3 of 2019

AT&T TV Now Lost 100k+ TV Subscribers in Q3 of 2019

DALLAS, Tex. – As of the end of the third quarter of 2019, AT&T TV NOW Lost 100k+ TV subscribers according to reports from AT&T themselves.

Earlier today, AT&T announced that it had already lost over 195,000 paid TV subscribers at the end quarter three of 2019. The number has significantly increased from the 168,000 TV subscribers that AT&T TV NOW (former DIRECTV) lost at the end of the 2nd quarter this year. It has been a straight loss for the live streaming service, which has been losing a significant number of customers since the first quarter of 2019.

From the start of the fourth quarter of last year, AT&T TV NOW has already lost over 713,000 paid TV subscribers. In total, AT&T has lost over a million pay-TV customers when you count their services U-verse TV, DIRECTV, and AT&T TV NOW in quarter three of 2019. Simply put, over 19,000 customers are unsubscribing to AT&T services every single day.

The recent results of their subscriber count are directly opposite to what AT&T announced before. During the statement they’ve given during the first quarter of 2019, they expect the former DIRECTV NOW to start gaining back their subscribers during the 2nd half of 2019.

However, AT&T later retracted its statement, stating subscriber numbers will continue to decrease as the year continues because of lesser promotional activities and higher service prices.

The drop in AT&T’s pay-TV subscribers are most likely because of the recent price hike and fewer deals on the AT&T TV NOW, lack of promotional activities, as well as the increased number of competition as new live TV streaming services,  are coming out. The general confusion after the name changed from DIRECTV NOW to AT&T TV NOW, might also be a factor with the decrease in their subscribers.

As AT&T TV NOW lost 100k+ TV subscribers, other prominent live TV streaming services have had better luck with millions of new subscribers at the end of quarter three, like YouTube TV and Hulu.

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