The 5 Companies With the Potential to Give Playstation Vue a New Lease on Life

The 5 Companies With the Potential to Give Playstation Vue a New Lease on Life

San Mateo, CA – Near the end of the previous week, news came out that PlayStation Vue was put up for sale by Sony, due to losses incurred to both revenue and their subscriber base.

In light of this, five major companies seem to be competing to take over the reins of Sony’s live TV streaming service. In no particular order, here are the five biggest competitors most likely to buy PlayStation Vue from Sony, and save it from the brink.


Pay-TV services were the newest frontier on T-Mobile’s road map, as they had announced in a statement last year. However, no news has come out yet of such a service launching. They have ventured into something similar by releasing Tvision, which is a rebranding of Layer3. Purchasing PlayStation Vue would be an invaluable catalyst to T-Mobile’s expansion into the live TV streaming service market.

However, T-Mobile’s legal issues with Sprint are currently the biggest obstacle to that expansion.


It was recently reported that Walmart had been looking for areas to expand its business into, and streaming was said to be one of these areas. Combined with their newest venture, Vudu, taking over the reins of PlayStation Vue could supply Walmart with enough momentum to meet their growth targets.


With the launch of Apple TV+, it would seem that Apple will take some time to recover before taking on another venture such as purchasing PlayStation Vue. Given the current state of their finances, the only thing that would make a purchase likely is if Sony gives them a good deal on PlayStation Vue, however great their potential earnings from the service.


With the steady trajectory of Amazon Prime Video, a live TV streaming service like PlayStation Vue would be a good supplement to Amazon’s revenue, but the asking price had turned them away as much as it had Apple. A better bargain could make them reconsider, however.


Combining Sling TV and Playstation Vue’s resources could give DISH a much-needed edge over competing services.

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