AT&T is Set to Unveil HBO Max Details and Pricing Today

AT&T is Set to Unveil HBO Max Details and Pricing Today

DALLAS, Tex. – Executives of AT&T is set to unveil HBO Max details and pricing today, Tuesday, during the WarnerMedia investor day.

HBO Max is AT&T’s forthcoming video streaming service, and more details about it are to be unveiled today, including its programming and distribution. With the set unveiling of a new service offer, AT&T has some high stakes with over $134 billion debt after their acquisition spree. This was all after they decided to merge the media empire Time Warner and the streaming service provider DirecTV, now known as AT&T TV NOW.

With the hopeful success of HBO Max, AT&T is giving the service its best support with a $1.5 billion to $2 billion investment for the content for the streaming service next year. They have also upped another $1 billion for the HBO Max content in 2021 and 2022. This was all reported by AT&T executives during their earnings report for the third quarter.

Although AT&T has committed fair amounts for the content of their upcoming streaming service, it’s still by far, a lot smaller than what their rivals allocate for their content spending. Netflix, for one, has marked $15 billion just for making sure their content is high-quality for 2019.

John Stankey, Chief Executive of WarnerMedia and now the COO of AT&T, stated that the HBO Max is set to come out for all AT&T customers the coming spring. The forthcoming service will be free of charge for all current AT&T customers all over the United States. Reported plans state that AT&T aims to gain over 80 million subscribers all over the world, with 50 million from the US by 2025.

As AT&T is set to unveil HBO Max details and pricing today, Randall Stephenson, Chief Executive of AT&T, said on Monday that HBO Max is going to be unlike any other streaming services currently available in the market.

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