T-Mobile Home Internet Available Now for $50/Month

T-Mobile Home Internet Available Now for $50Month

BELLEVUE, Wash. – T-Mobile Home Internet is now available to all their customers for just $50 per month with no data cap.

T-Mobile first announced they were on the early works of testing a new home internet service through LTE back in March this year. During that time, T-Mobile’s project was offering 50,000 households an LTE home internet as a way to start testing out their hardware before they launch their 5G home internet services.

CEO of T-Mobile, John Legere, said in March that they were already starting the groundwork for the future where they can offer more in Big Cable for the consumers in the US, while also giving them real choice and savings.

Today, T-Mobile successfully unveiled its unlimited home internet services for $50 a month to every customer. According to the statement that T-Mobile posted on its website, they have already tripled their LTE coverage as they continue to build a network that can give everyone around the United States access to reliable and fast home internet wherever they are.

The new T-Mobile service was set to offer about 50 Mbps download speed home internet for just $50 per month without data cap when they first tested out in March. Also, during their announcement of the new service months prior, T-Mobile reiterated that their new 5G home internet service is set to offer better and faster speed after it launches.

According to the details T-Mobile shared about the new service, they said it comes with no data caps, no yearly contracts, no price increases, no hardware costs, and, most especially, no hidden fees.

This new option for home internet service with no hidden agendas can give every consumer new and better streaming opportunities without any worry. The new T-Mobile Home Internet can offer a lot for consumers all over the US, especially those who have been plagued with data caps.

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