AT&T’s HBO MAX Raises Concern from Cautious Cord Cutters

AT&T’s HBO MAX Raises Concern From Cautious Cord Cutters

DALLAS, Tex. – AT&T’s HBO Max is starting to get a buzz after plans for the latest on-demand streaming service was announced early this week.

While AT&T is doing a lot to market their new streaming service to existing and potential customers, however, a lot of cord-cutters are a bit cautious when it comes to streaming service offers from them. This issue from many cord-cutters stemmed from when AT&T walked away from their investment with DirecTV, which they now call AT&T TV NOW.

When AT&T first get a hold of DirecTV Now, there was such massive and aggressive marketing and fanfare. Unfortunately, it only lasted a few years after launching the service before DirecTV Now became AT&T TV NOW.

What happened to AT&T’s DirecTV Now streaming service left a bad impression on a lot of cord-cutters, as well as the company’s streaming efforts. Some are even starting to get cautious about any streaming service that AT&T is going to launch.

This concern from cord-cutters won’t bode well, especially on the new HBO Max streaming service that AT&T hopes to launch. The similar marketing tactics AT&T is using for their HBO Max from when they launched DirecTV Now even strengthens the concern of many cord-cutters.

In addition, there was also a significant list of promises and technical issues that never materialized for DirecTV Now, like the DVR add-on. It’s another reason why former pay-TV subscribers of AT&T are understandably cautious about the new HBO Max.

Unfortunately, there was also no statement from AT&T that can alleviate these concerns about their streaming issues yesterday. AT&T made no efforts, for now, to address any of these concerns. But, it’s imperative that they have to work in winning back their customer’s trust for the new AT&T’s HBO Max to gain the success it’s hoping for.

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