HBO Max Streaming Service to Launch in May 2020

HBO Max Streaming Service to Launch in May 2020, For $15 A Month – AT&T

DALLAS, Texas – HBO Max will join a crowd of competitors on May of next year, with a monthly subscription fee of $15 a month – noticeably pricier than any of its contemporaries.

AT&T has stated that they will be depending on the streaming service to combat the surge of the cord cutting trend. The company’s intent for HBO Max at present is to provide a cord cutting alternative to viewers who subscribe to cable and other services to watch HBO.

HBO Max was created after AT&T’s acquisition of Time Warner, now rebranded as WarnerMedia after the $81 billion deal.

On its launch, HBO Max will be contending with Comcast, Apple, Disney, and Netflix to gain footing in the on-demand streaming market. The issue of it being the most expensive service among the aforementioned names will likely become its most pressing obstacle to growing its customer base.

At present, its current pricing is the same as that of HBO Now, the existing HBO streaming service, which offers a limited amount of HBO content for those who opt not to subscribe to cable. Due to the expanded content library for the same price, AT&T officials are expecting a full transference of HBO Now’s subscriber base to HBO Max upon launch.

AT&T had also said that some cable and HBO Now subscribers will gain free access to HBO Max once it launches.

AT&T had also stated that a version of HBO Max with ads will launch in 2021, in order to help meet their ideal subscriber count of 90 million worldwide by 2025. The company anticipates a full ROI by 2023.

Content from both HBO and WarnerMedia will be available on HBO Max, with any shows not yet withdrawn from Netflix to be withdrawn on or before launch.

The biggest shows include “Friends”, “The Big Bang Theory”, and “South Park”; as well as “Sesame Street” for younger audiences, supplemented by a new talk show starring Elmo. Content from the DC extended universe will also be available.

Fifty original shows are also lined up to release in the year following HBO Max’s launch, with the release schedule on a regular basis as opposed to Netflix’s one-off system.

AT&T intends to promote HBO Max by bundling the service with some of its unlimited wireless plans and premium TV plans.

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