Offline Downloads for Hulu Now Available on Android Devices

Offline Downloads for Hulu, Now Available on Android Devices

SANTA MONICA, Calif. – New offline downloads for Hulu is now available for all subscribers through their Android devices.

The streaming service giant just announced yesterday through a Twitter post that all Hulu users can now download their favorite content to watch it offline. The new feature can be accessed through Fire TV tablets and Android devices. Less than a month ago, this Hulu feature was launched to iPad OS and iOS devices, and now, Android device users will also have access to it.

However, only Hulu subscribers of their No Ads plan, which costs $11.99 per month, can use this latest feature. Unfortunately, the access to offline downloads is not available for the discounted $5.99 Hulu subscription.

Offline downloads is a very useful feature for all streaming service subscribers, especially for those who want access to their favorite shows and movies anytime and anywhere and even without an internet connection. It has been available in other streaming services like Amazon Prime Video and Netflix for a couple of years now.

And while the offline downloads for Hulu is a very welcome feature, it does come with several restrictions. Their offline downloads will only allow 25 downloaded titles for all five devices at a time. It also includes a limit of 30 days to watch the downloaded content, and two days of streaming once the playback started for the first time.

And while Hulu says there are thousands of contents available for download, not everything in their content library supports the offline download feature. You can click on the “Downloadable” option on the search menu to find content available for offline download.

Although it’s a small feature and not entirely new, at least for competing streaming service providers, the offline downloads for Hulu make sure they can compete with others, especially with the buzz around the Disney+ launching this month.

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