fuboTV Takes to Reddit to Explain Absence of ESPN on Their Service

The main concern subscribers have had with fuboTV since its launch was the absence of ESPN. The main issue, as fuboTV had stated over the years since launch, was that the requirement for the ESPN license was to gain the license for all Disney-owned channels, something the company did not have the resources to invest in.

In a recent Reddit post, fuboTV had once again given out an official statement about the lack of the ESPN channel from its service. The statement went into detail about its relationship with Disney, and why this factors into the absence of ESPN on their service.

The statement was given by a fuboTV team member, in response to the majority of posts on the thread having been centered around ESPN.

The fuboTV staffer told Redditors that fuboTV would love to acquire ESPN for their service, and had discussed this matter at length with Disney.

Disney, being a fuboTV investor by way of its taking over of 21st Century Fox properties, sits on the fuboTV board.

Unfortunately, according to the staffer, Disney is adamant about the fact that distributors must license the “Disney bundle” to gain rights to broadcast ESPN, with simply no way to license just ESPN and leave out the rest.

This interferes with fuboTV’s vision of providing an affordable cord cutting service, for the simple reason that accommodating people who want to pay for just ESPN and not the rest of the Disney bundle will end up as a net loss for the company.

A recalculation of bundle prices, as well as further discussions with Disney and ESPN, are required to bring ESPN to the table. FuboTV had expressed their sincere intent to work to this end, however.

So far, the only chance of ESPN being added in the near future would be to raise bundle prices, but time will tell whether or not talks with Disney will bring forth a better deal.

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