Locast Centers Its Sights on a New Target Demographic: Rural America

Locast Centers Its Sights on a New Target Demographic - Rural America

NEW YORK, N.Y. – Amidst attempts by multiple leading names in the broadcasting industry to shut it down, Locast shows no signs of decelerating its growth in any capacity.

The free streaming service, run by the non-profit organization Sports Fan Coalition, has continued its campaign of rapid expansion despite a lawsuit started by such broadcasting giants as CBS and FOX.

Locast had brought its service to Atlanta, Georgia, quickly followed by Phoenix, Arizona, in mid-October of 2019.  It finished the month by expanding into Seattle, as well.

David Goodfriend, the founder of Locast, said in a YouTube video with Roland Martin that the expansion to Seattle just in the nick of time, as November is when Seattle experiences the hardest rains. Local weather reports would be of greater significance to people in the city for that month, which Locast would be making readily available, along with news and other important information.

Goodfriend goes on to explain why so many major networks had filed the lawsuit in July, as well as how Locast means to fight back.

The 51-year-old attorney stressed that Locast is a strictly non-profit service, made with the express intent of bringing local TV channels to viewers at no cost, giving them constant access to news and entertainment programming.

Upon being asked about whether or not Locast intends to diverge from its trajectory of expanding into major cities throughout the United States and channel effort into expanding into rural areas, Goodfriend brought up the example of two markets in South Dakota who had proactively cooperated with him to get Locast into their towns.

Goodfriend expressed pride in the two markets, who had set aside roof space for Locast antennas and put together their own funds for Locast to buy the servers they would need to cater to them.

Goofriend went on to talk about the edge that broadband has over broadcast, which is what Locast makes use of to bring legacy TV outlets to modern devices. The power of broadband, according to him, will allow Locast to introduce its service into smaller markets, just as it did for those two South Dakota towns.

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