New Apple TV Plus for Free Given to New Apple Users

New Apple TV Plus for Free Given to New Apple Users

CUPERTINO, Calif. – Some new Apple device users claim to be mistakenly given the latest Apple TV Plus for free.

The new Apple TV Plus was recently launched on November 1. The new streaming service gained buzz when it went live, but its momentum is soaring even higher after a lot of new Apple users claim they were given a free subscription to Apple TV Plus mistakenly.

But it is not a mistake. Anyone who buys Apple devices like iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Mac, or Apple TV after September 10 is going to receive a free subscription to the Apple TV Plus for 12 months. However, it’s only available if the Apple devices were bought from Apple or any other authorized reseller. Plus, the device should also be running the newest versions of iOS, macOS, iPadOS, or tvOS.

This free 12-month Apple TV Plus subscription is making a lot of new Apple users happy. But that is not all. A lot of Twitter posts came about from very lucky iPhone users claiming they have been given a chance to redeem the same 1-year subscription to Apple TV Plus despite not being eligible for the freebie.

Some very lucky users with iPhones bought from a few years back were also given a chance to try the new streaming service.

However, not everyone seems to be happy with the free subscription. Some apple customers are much less fortunate in this area. They claim to struggle with claiming the free 12-month subscription, despite being eligible for it.

One Apple customer took his disappointment to Twitter after getting only a 7-days free Apple TV Plus subscription with the new iPhone he bought just a week ago.

Fortunately, the Apple Support will send a new code to eligible customers for a 12-month free subscription given then provide the necessary purchase information such as iOS or macOS version, proof and date of purchase, as well as the exact name store and location of purchase.

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