Disney+ Cuts a Deal with Starz for Streaming Rights

Disney+ Cuts Deal with Starz for Star Wars Streaming Rights

BURBANK, Calif. – Before it is set to launch, Disney+ cuts a deal with Starz to get streaming rights to Star Wars: The Force Awakens and other key titles.

Disney+ is set to kick off on its launch date that is just around the corner. This new streaming service is expected to be one of the new but stronger competitors, shaking up the streaming world. Disney+ is going to feature Disney’s massive library of titles from all over the years. However, securing some of those titles weren’t as easy as expected despite them being Disney’s titles. For instance, Disney+ had to make a deal with Starz to gain streaming rights for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, among others.

Based on recent reports, the deal between Disney and Starz includes running Starz’ ads for the streaming service of the cable channel. The ad will appear during the sign-up process of new Disney+ subscribers. Originally, Disney+ was promised to be an ad-free streaming platform, purely relying its revenue on subscribers alone. Although it still remains true that there won’t be any Starz ad on the Disney+ app, the ad appearance for the sign-up process still somewhat opposite of their ad-free policy.

The problems with the streaming rights for Disney stem from the several deals with other companies they made before in regards to the rights to its movies. Although no precise details about these deals are open to the public, Starz is still one known company with a pre-existing deal for originally Disney content like Star Wars.

According to Bob Iger, Disney’s CEO, it would take some time for the rights of streaming such titles to revert back to them, because of some existing deals.

Although it seems Disney+ is facing some roadblocks before its launch, other streaming services are also in the same position. For instance, HBO Max of Warner Media, among others, is also actively securing attractive content for its library.

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