7 Local TV Stations, Back on AT&T TV NOW and DIRECTV

7 Local TV Stations, Back on AT&T TV NOW and DIRECTV

EL SEGUNDO, Calif. – Yesterday, seven local stations are back on both the AT&T TV NOW and DIRECTV.

After five months of blackout, AT&T TV NOW and DIRECTV re-added Deerfield Media-owned locals, seven of them in total. This move was made after the streaming services’ 5-month prolonged outage. The local TV channels that were re-added to the subscription service include Baltimore, MD; Pensacola, FL; Rochester, NY; Reno, NV; Beaumont/ Port Arthur, TX; Cincinnati, OH; and San Antonio/ Kerrville, TX.

Based on a statement from WHAM, an ABC-affiliated TV station posted on their website; they said that after over five months of a blackout, Deerfield Media, LLC, and DIRECTV have come to the end of their negotiations. Both parties have agreed about carrying the CW Rochester and 13WHAM ABC in the television market in Rochester, NY.

All of the seven local TV stations are now live on DIRECTV. However, there was no word in terms of how many of these stations were also made live to AT&T TV NOW yesterday.

Before this, AT&T TV NOW and DIRECTV also re-added 18 local TV channels from CBS, ABC, NBC, and FOX TV stations that are owned by the Northwest Broadcasting last October after over seven months of a blackout.

According to their statement given before, AT&T warned their subscribers that some blackouts would become more common as they try to keep their costs low. AT&T has gone into some of the toughest negotiations over the year, especially in terms of their retransmission deals.

Blackouts in both AT&T TV NOW and DIRECTV have caused some significant loss in their subscriber numbers. But, ending some of their blackouts is a great start for the streaming services to gain back some new customers.

Although AT&T has been silent about their plans on how to remedy the decreasing number of subscribers they have, like other streaming services, they also said that more contracts are on negotiations with some already renewed, which would end the blackouts.

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