Roku to Push Forward With Discontinuation of Support for Older Roku Players

Roku to Push Forward With Discontinuation of Support For Older Roku Players

LOS GATOS, CA – Now that Roku has started with the discontinuation of older Roku players, specifically the ones released before 2011, they’ve announced that they’re going to end support for players released later, up to and including the Roku 2 line released in 2013.

To ease the transition for owners of the included players, Roku is offering affected customers an exclusive deal for Roku Express, costing only $15.

This trend of discontinuation of support for older Roku players comes with the continued development of apps and operating systems. Given that it has been six years since the release of the Roku 2 line, it was inevitable for it to be rendered obsolete by an update that Roku cannot afford to make compatible with antiquated hardware.

Owners of affected Roku units will still be able to use their devices, but will no longer be able to install new apps, features, or update their existing apps. Unfortunately, streaming services like Netflix seem to be joining the trend of discontinuing support for older devices, having ended support for older Roku players as well.

Roku highly advised affected customers to take up their $15 Roku Express offering, in an email detailing their decision.

Roku went on to explain in the email that they cannot guarantee the continued availability of streaming channels, should the customer opt to keep using their older Roku device.

To continue their customers’ streaming experience, Roku is offering Roku Express+ at 50% off for affected customers. Roku Express+ is marketed as being faster, more compatible with older TVs, and is to receive full support for software updates, channels, and premium streaming services such as Apple TV.

Roku closed the email by expressing their hopes that affected customers will take the offer to continue their streaming experience with Roku and enjoy the new benefits in store.

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