Disney+ is Down for Many Users Only Hours After Launch

Disney+ is Down For Many Users Only Hours After Launch

BURBANK, Calif. – On November 12th, Disney+ launched amidst great fanfare and anticipation. Unfortunately for many users, Disney+ is down at the moment and has been for the past few hours.

A large number of Disney+ users expressed their displeasure with this inconvenience on multiple social media sites. For some users, the website was not down, but many of the features were not working. On Twitter, particularly, a gauntlet of issues were voiced, covering everything from content unavailability and faulty watch list setup.

Screenshots of Disney+’s error messages floated across twitter, with many users noting the fitting appearance of “Wreck-It  Ralph 2: Ralph Breaks the Internet” characters in the messages.

Also reported were users’ frustrations about the long waiting times when they tried to call customer service, with many reports describing the wait time as exceeding an hour long.

Some users can access the website but are told to call customer service upon attempting to log in. Irate customers lambasted this poor display of customer support, saying that Disney should have anticipated the volume of users and the problems that could arise at launch.

Ookla’s reported the first serious spikes of “Disney+ is down” reports after 6 AM Eastern Time, along with several other technical issue reports. Approximately 70 percent of all issues were about video streaming and the rest about being unable to log in.

However, some errors have so far appeared to be exclusive to certain devices. Rich Greenfield, an analyst for LightShed Partners, posted that he could access “The Mandalorian” premiere on the mobile app, but could not do the same on Apple TV. General access issues were reported to occur predominantly on Xbox and Roku devices.

A mega-thread was put up on Reddit in order to address the first few issues that popped up. At present, the mega thread has exceeded 250 comments and counting, concerned with a variety of service issues. So far, issues most commonly appear on Xbox, Roku, iOS, Fire Stick, and Android.

Downdetector still reports that Disney+ is down for thousands of users across multiple platforms. Given the sheer amount and variety of these problems and the broad selection of affected devices, it would seem that this is predominantly an issue on Disney+’s side of things rather than that of those devices.

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