Disney+ Launches Today, a New Competition in the Market

Disney+ Launches Today, a New Competition in the Market

BURBANK, Calif. – The long-awaited streaming service, Disney+, launches today in the US and is starting to reinvent what streaming is all about.

Following months of hype and about three hours long trailer, the new Disney+ streaming service is now available to all subscribers at just $6.99 per month, which is a comparatively lower in price with other streaming platforms already in place.

Plus, the Disney+ features a massive TV and movie library, with an even vast resource that it will continue to add to its already wide array of content. There wasn’t any ramp-up needed for the new streaming service, unlike the other already established Netflix or the new Apple TV+, since Disney has already loaded and locked contents of their own.

The new streaming service is set to disrupt the already competitive market of streaming service platforms, and Disney+ is seemingly ready even before it launched as it now burst into the market fully formed.

Although Disney+ has a lot of things to make up for, if it wants to win against the already established services like Netflix, it might not be too impossible to achieve. With all the trappings, it seemed to create even before the launch today, Disney+ has a lot of things to offer, such as a popular franchise at a competitive price.

With the launching of the streaming service, it doesn’t only bring the full power of Mickey and friends, but also Pixar, Marvel, and Star Wars. Plus, there are also several from National Geographic and Fox. Although the content library of Disney+ isn’t as massive as Netflix, Disney has also ensured that there is less filler content as possible.

More importantly, all the impressive content lists of TV and movie shows are readily available in Disney+ from day one, with shelf lives than spans decades, not including Mary Poppins Returns, which is currently bound up with licensing agreements.

Disney+ streaming service is coming to the market with some confirmed hits compared to the trial and error most streaming services do to find contents that stick.

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