Fox, Other Networks Launch New OTA Channels; Viewers Invited to Rescan

Fox, Other Networks Launch New OTA Channels; Viewers Invited to Rescan

TV viewers still using an antenna to watch over-the-air programming might want to do a rescan soon. New channels are being added at a rapid rate, due in part to the rise of cord-cutting causing smaller channels to vacate the airwaves.

Some OTA channels have also had to move to new channel numbers, largely because of the FCC auctioning off locals.

Of all the networks that have been adding new channels, Fox seems to be one of the more productive ones. Decades TV, for example, is now carried by Fox Television Stations, LLC, after a years-long agreement to carry it in 12 major markets.

Due to their affiliation with Fox, Decades TV is now viewable in 60% of the U.S.

Neal Sabin, Vice Chairman of Weigel Broadcasting Co., has expressed gratitude for the partnership of Frank Chica and Fox. Sabin goes on to say that their enthusiasm has been instrumental in achieving the coverage that they have today. On behalf of Weigel, he stated that they were looking forward to further developing their partnership with Fox.

Thanks to Fox, much of the US can now enjoy iconic Decades TV series, such as Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In, The Dick Cavett Show, I Love Lucy, and other classics previously only enjoyed by those in Decades’ limited coverage. Aside from this, Decades also has movies, documentaries, and special originals now made available to a wider audience.

Antenna TV viewers in New York, Dallas, San Francisco, Houston, Austin, Atlanta, Tampa, Phoenix, Detroit, Minneapois, Gainesville, and Los Angeles are invited to rescan their TVs in order to enjoy Decades TV programming.

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