Free CBS Stations on Pluto TV, Available Starting Tomorrow

Free CBS Station on Pluto TV, Available Starting Tomorrow

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – As announced yesterday by the free streaming services, CBS stations on Pluto TV will be available to all viewers starting tomorrow free of charge.

As the CBS owner, Viacom, merge with CBS with a forthcoming ViacomCBS partnership set to start December 2019, Pluto TV has proceeded adding a couple of CBS stations into their plan.

One of the new CBS stations that will be available in Pluto TV starting tomorrow is ET Live Channel 120. ET Live provides 24/7 news coverage of all things and whatâ€s what in the entertainment world. It has various contents from the latest movies to start-studded award shows.

Another CBS channel on Pluto TV starting tomorrow is the CBS News Los Angeles Channel 238, which covers every news around Los Angeles. The CBS News New York Channel 237 would also be included in the Pluto TV channel lineup.

With the impending partnership of Viacom and CBS, the new channels Pluto TV will include in its listing starting tomorrow is seemingly just the start of more CBS channels offered in the streaming service. Some free CBS stations such as the 24/7 CBS News with national feed and CBS Sports HQ would most likely be a good fit for Pluto TV.

Aside from the new CBS stations, Pluto TV has also added a few other channels to their lineup this month. They now offer channels such as Channel 677 Naruto, Curiosity to Inspire Channel 551, Pluto TV Winter Sports Channel 499, Pluto TV Election 2020 Channel 223, and Leverage Channel 350.

The Pluto TV app is a free streaming service, which includes a wide variety of about 200 different channels. When Pluto TV was bought by Viacom, they added several Viacom contents as well as other channels from major networks. Channels available in Pluto TV currently include MTV, Comedy Central, Nick, Nick Jr., and other curated channels from NBC News, CNN, NFL, and CBSN. The app can be accessed through Apple TV, Fire TV, Roku, Android TV, as well as in Android and iOS devices.

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