Nickelodeon Enters Multi-Year Deal With Netflix

Nickelodeon Enters Multi-Year Deal With Netflix

NEW YORK, NY – World-famous kids’ network Nickelodeon had recently announced that it had initiated a multi-year deal with the streaming giant, Netflix.

Nickelodeon, subsidiary of Viacom, entered into the deal with Netflix to jointly produce the children’s animated television series and films that they’re known for the world over.

Among the biggest titles to come is a Spongebob Squarepants spinoff that will be exclusive to Netflix. The newest inclusions to Netflix’s lineup will all be derived from the list of shows that got hosted on Netflix due to a previous deal, which also saw Rocko’s Modern Life and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles becoming available on the streaming platform.

Netflix vice president of original animation Melissa Cobb expressed her admiration for Nickelodeon’s tenure in the industry of children’s animation, and her anticipation in doing the same in conjunction with Nickelodeon itself. This would entail both original works, and expansions and re-imaginations of existing properties.

A recent New York Times report stated that children’s programming has risen to become one of the most potent forms of television, and the arrival of Netflix in this playing field has only served to increase this potency, as well as the pace.

This move by Netflix is in light of the mobilization of its main contenders, such as Amazon Prime Video and Disney+, which just launched Tuesday.

Likewise, Nickelodeon has steadily been building Nickelodeon’s development up to this point to keep up with its contemporaries, such as Disney and Cartoon Network.

Nickelodeon Animation Studio, headed by Ramsey Naito, has produced some of the most well-known stories and iconic characters, which are still remembered decades after their first airing.

Nickelodeon said that the Studio has been brimming with ideas and concept work, thanks to their enthusiastic, creative teams. They expressed their excitement at the prospect of cooperating with the Netflix team on building a fresh slate of original children’s programming for an even wider audience.

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