Users Discover Expiry Dates on Disney Plus Movies and TV Shows

Users Discover Expiry Dates on Disney Plus Movies and TV Shows

NEW YORK, N.Y. – After a positive ending for the first day of launching the new Disney streaming service, it now faces an early bump as service users reports discovering expiry dates on Disney Plus movies and TV shows.

The new Disney Plus just launched in the US, and it has already a heaping 10 million subscribers all over America, according to reports. With its comparatively affordable subscription price over some of the more established streaming services, plus its wide list of the Disney classic and other original content, a lot of service users have been waiting for this streaming service for quite some time.

But despite the overly positive ending on its first launch date, the Disney Plus streaming service isn’t as perfect as it was expected to be. A lot of its current subscribers have been reporting that they discovered that some of the contents like movies and TV shows in their Disney Plus subscription have expiry dates. Some of these contents are even set to leave the streaming service this year, which means it will only be available for streaming in Disney Plus for a little more than a month.

Although some classic movies like Aladdin wouldn’t be leaving the service anytime soon, with its 3001-expiry date, some contents like Princess and the Frog wouldn’t be available for streaming through Disney Plus in the near future as it has a November 25 expiry date.

From a previous statement from Bob Iger, Disney CEO, regarding the expiry of contents in the streaming service, he said that although some of them might expire, the downloads would still be available in the user’s devices, given that they continue with the subscription.

However, a spokesperson for Disney said that the CEO’s comment wasn’t interpreted correctly, stating further that movies and TV shows will be available for download as long as the titles are available on the service. Once the titles have expired, it wouldn’t be available as downloads as well, according to the statement.

Although the expiry dates some Disney Plus users discovered might possibly just be placeholders, Disney Plus hasn’t commented about it yet.

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