Apple News Plus Struggles to Get More Subscribers, Report Says

Apple News Plus Struggles to Get More Subscribers, Report Says

NEW YORK, N.Y. – Publishers have been disappointed as the subscription service Apple News Plus struggles to get more subscribers.

Based on a report made by CNBC, Apple News+ is struggling to gain more reach and additional subscribers. According to some sources, Apple has reported not seeing any changes in the subscription figures of the service since it was launched only a couple of days prior. During their launching date, Apple News+ reported over 200,000 total subscribers, but the pond has seemingly been dried up since there.

Based on the report notes from CNBC, the Apple TV+ gained over 200,000 subs within the first 48 hours, since it was first launched in March. However, the company has been struggling to increase that number.

During the promotion period of the service, Apple has been telling some potential customers that for $9.99 per month, they could access more than 300 top contents from various categories like sports, entertainment, and news. Although there isn’t a formal announcement of the numbers of subscribers, sources familiar with the matter said that subs count hadn’t changed a bit since the launch.

Still based on the CNBC notes, it has also compared the disappointing Apple News+ to the Apple Music, which has already gained over 60 million subscribers since it was launched in 2015. The report also stated that the publishers are feeling disappointed that the subscription service wasn’t able to come up with better revenue.

On the other hand, it was also reported just this week that Apple might be planning on bundling its services, the Music and TV+ and News+ services. This story came about after a clause in the contract between Apple and its News+ publishers that allow the company to sell its News+ service as part of a bundle.

One News+ publisher said that they have only been receiving meager amounts per month, a lot lower than expected. However, another publisher commented on the issue, saying that the News+ service is actually slowly but increasing consistently, drawing in more diverse subscribers.

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