Streaming Wars: Disney+, Apple TV+, and Others vs. Netflix

Streaming Wars Disney+, Apple TV+, and Others vs. Netflix

LOS GATOS, Calif. – With the recent launching of a couple streaming subscriptions like Apple TV+ and Disney+, streaming wars is likely as they compete with the more established Netflix in the market.

Both company officials and Wall Street analysts went into high gear with special media events, content reveals, and subscriber predictions on the weeks before November 2019 opens to new streaming services Apple TV+ and Disney+.

As these services came from high-profile and famous parent companies, they have a lot riding on them. Millions of dollars have been spent to compete with the industry long dominated by the likes of Amazon Prime Video, Hulu owned by Disney, and Netflix.

According to Nielsen’s SVP of Audience Insights, Peter Katsingris, more options as new streaming platforms coming out is great for consumers as they can choose what to watch.

With the recent launch of Disney+ comes Disney’s aim to gain 60 to 90 million subscribers by 2024. The goal is more than half of the current 158 million subscribers of Netflix from all over the world.

According to Bob Iger, Disney CEO, during a talk with Vanity Fair, he said that what Disney+ is trying to do is make content to tell some of the greatest stories to their subscribers, a lot different from Netflix, which is to make contents to support platforms.

On the other hand, with the Apple TV+, Apple is offering various incentives for its streaming service in the hopes of luring 900 million of its iPhone users all over the world.

An analyst at Futuresource Consulting, David Sidebottom, said that with new services expanding internationally, factors that will affect how their D2C strategy evolves includes pacifying distribution partners with equal levels of SVOD uptake and clashing with legacy agreements on pay-TV.

In addition to the recently launched streaming services, WarnerMedia is also expected to launch the HBO Max in May next year, which was already unveiled on October 29.

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