Tubi Launches “Not On Netflix” Ad Campaign

Tubi Launches “Not On Netflix” Ad Campaign

SAN FRANCISCO, California – With the tagline “Not On Netflix”, Tubi, an ad-supported streaming service, launches a new website and ad campaign to garner patrons. Tubi, with its massive library of movies and TV shows (many of which are indeed not available on Netflix), is doing this to set it apart from both paid and free competitors.

Tubi makes use of what they call “recognizable faces” to give subscribers some levity from the subscription fatigue generated by a multitude of paid and free streaming services that have been cropping up since the start of the streaming wars.

In all of the commercials, these “recognizable faces” all point to a certain “someone” to fix their streaming problems for them: Tubi, the world’s most significant free streaming service.

Tubi believes that this ad campaign will be instrumental in the fight for subscribers’ viewing time, especially with the ever-growing roster of free services such as Stirr and IMDb TV.

Another large part of the ad campaign are billboards in dense urban areas, such as LA and New York, telling that “all’s fair in love and streaming,” and to go to a site called hosts all of the commercials involved in the ad campaign and ways for both consumers and advertisers to learn about and reach Tubi.

Despite all of this, Tubi has stated that it does not consider Netflix to be its rival in the streaming wars. Instead, the ad campaign is intended for subscribers to favor it as an auxiliary streaming service to more prominent services.

A spokesperson for Tubi said that HBO Max and Netflix were mentioned in the commercials simply to convey that Tubi is involved in the so-called “streaming wars”. The fact that their mention gives them free advertising is irrelevant, as Tubi sees itself as a complement to such services rather than a direct competitor.

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