Amazon Unveils the Fire TV Blaster, an Improved Hands-Free TV Controller

Amazon Unveils the Fire TV Blaster, an Improved Hands-Free TV Controller

SEATTLE, Washington – Amazon had recently unveiled the Fire TV Blaster, an addon for Fire Smart TVs that will enable users to control their cale box, A/V receiver, soundbar, and TV with voice commands.

The Fire TV Blaster is essentially going to be an expansion on the hands-free voice controls for Fire Smart TVs, provided by Alexa through Echo. This infrared addon will cost $34.99.

Some basic commands that users will be able to give using the Fire TV Blaster are: turning off the TV, raising the soundbar volume, switching between TV inputs, and changing channels.

The Fire TV Blaster acts as the voice-activated universal remote for the Fire TV, in conjunction with Echo.

Amazon says that there would be many more command options available to users aside from power, input, playback, and volume controls.

To use the Fire TV Blaster, users would have to have access to a streaming device compatible with it; either a Fire TV Stick 4K, a Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote, or a 3rd Gen Fire TV. Users would also need an Echo smart speaker or smart display.

Additionally, users would have to check if their TVs, A/V receivers, cable boxes, and soundbars are compatible with the Fire TV Blaster – more info on this can be found on the Fire TV Blaster page. Note that the Fire TV Blaster is not compatible with Fire TV Edition soundbards or televisions.

Finally, users also need to have access to the Fire TV and Alexa apps on a 5th gen or higher Fire Tablet. Those apps are also available on Android 5.0+ and iOS 10+ mobile devices.

The Fire TV Blaster operates similarly to the previously released Fire TV Cube, which can control certain devices with its built-in infrared blaster. The Fire TV Blaster is Amazon’s way of releasing this feature standalone and improved, expanding users’ ability to control their Fire Smart TVs and supporting devices.

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