CDE Lightband Debuted New Channel Streaming Service

CDE Lightband Debuted New Channel Streaming Service

CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. – Clarksville Department of Electricity (CDE) Lightband unveils a new channel streaming service to give more options in terms of traditional video offerings for those wanting to cut the cord.

CDE Lightband has already started is promotions for the new streaming service since early in November through their Facebook page. Customers and cord-cutters have been speculating the service’s reveal since then.

The much-awaited announcement of the product was made on November 18. The new channel streaming service is offered to customers who are connected to the Fiber Fast Internet of the CDE Lightband.

For the new streaming offer from CDE, there are three packagers subscribers can choose from. All of the streaming packages come with 250 Mbps of internet, both download, and upload speeds. It will also include up to three simultaneous streams and a 4K Amazon Firestick, free of charge, during sign up, but for a limited time only. The top tier service package also comes with a free suite of their premium channels. Plus, each package can be specially tailored depending on what users need.

Streaming using the Fiber Fast Internet of CDE Lightband will give its customers more than 100 channels, which includes all the local channels in Nashville. Users will also be given access to some local sports channels such as Atlanta Braves, NFL Red Zone channel, Big 10 Networks, Nashville Predators, and many others.

According to CDE Lightband’s director and general manager, Brian Taylor, they have been excited to unveil the new streaming option for their customers. They now have a great additional service for users who wants to cut the cord, he said. Taylor also stated that the packages would start below $100, which already comes with fast internet speed, offering a lot of value for all their streamers.

But according to Taylor, for those who are not ready to cut the cord yet, there isn’t something to be worried about as CDE will continue to offer traditional video services on top of their new streaming services.

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