T-Mobile TV Supposedly to Launch in 2019, But No Updates Yet

T-Mobile TV Supposedly to Launch in 2019 but No Updates Yet

BELLEVUE, Wash. – T-Mobile TV supposedly launched in 2019 still has no updates about the service, whether it’s still in the works or dead.

T-Mobile announced last year that they are going to launch a new TV service they named the T-Mobile TV. Originally, T’Mobile’s new disruptive TV service was expected to launch in 2018. However, the unveiling of the new streaming service was later then moved to 2019.

With a little more than a month remaining for 2019, there still isn’t any update about the supposed T-Mobile TV coming out this year. T-Mobile held a massive event last week to help in the company’s promotion with the recent partnership they have with Sprint. Unfortunately, there wasn’t any mention of the supposed T-Mobile TV coming up during the huge press event.

Without any news about the supposed forthcoming T-Mobile streaming service, it left a lot of questions whether the service is still in the works or was already squished altogether.

Further, T-Mobile refused to comment about the service they were set to launch this year.

So far, T-Mobile has been busy. It recently purchased a Layer3 company with the plans to use it for launching a new live TV streaming service, which they later rebranded as Tvision.

Also, the website for T-Mobile TV is redirecting users towards the new Tvision, with T-Mobile keeping extremely tight-lipped about any plans regarding a skinny bundle that could take the likes of Sling TV and YouTube TV.

Several mentions have been made about T-Mobile TV that has been made this year with Mike Sievert, T-Mobile’s COO, saying in January that the T-Mobile will come out before the 5G service of T-Mobile will launch. The last mention of the service was during T-Mobile’s Viacom deal in April.

In recent months, there hasn’t been any mention of the upcoming service, although the T-Mobile TV was expected to launch after T-Mobile’s 5G network, which is set in December 2019.

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