VIZIO’s SmartCast TV Gets New Features and an Optimization Update

VIZIO’s SmartCast TV Gets New Features and an Optimization Update

IRVINE, California – VIZIO SmartCast TVs released since 2016 are getting a major update, mainly dealing in speed optimizations and added features.

The update, dubbed the SmartCast 3.5 update, improves load and startup times for affected devices, as well as improved control responsiveness and faster switching from input to input.

Additionally, users will find it easier to scroll though the SmartCast content platform, making their preferences easier to access. Switching through apps such as Hulu, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video and Netflix has also been made more seamless; as well as switching inputs from SmartCast Home to AirPlay or WatchFree.

Bill Baxter, Chief Technology Officer at VIZIO, said that this entertainment experience upgrade comes just in time for the holiday season. The performance updates, said Baxter, compound to the inherent value of VIZIO SmartCast TVs. According to Baxter, they accentuate the SmartCast TV’s award-winning picture quality, expansive smart home integration options, and competitive holiday price-slashes.

Large discounts were given for several VIZIO SmartCast TVs in preparation for Black Friday, with Cyber Monday following soon after. The discounts will be most noticeable from prominent retailers such as Amazon, Costco, Target, Walmat, and Best Buy.

In conjunction with these improvements to the SmartCast TV package, VIZIO is also releasing Pandora, the music streaming app well-loved the world over by millions of users, on the SmartCast TV platform.

As part of this release, owners of SmartCast TVs can claim a 90-day free trial of Pandora’s Premium service by going to VIZIO recommends connecting the VIZIO sound bar to SmartCast TVs using Pandora to give significant sound enhancements to users’ holiday gatherings.

Customers who are looking to get their own VIZIO SmartCast TVs are invited to visit their nearest retailer starting November 21st, when most of their Black Friday deals will start to take effect.

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