AT&T TV NOW DVR Updates Set to Roll Out This Week

AT&T TV NOW DVR Updates Set to Roll Out This Week

EL SEGUNDO, Calif. – AT&T TV NOW DVR updates are set to roll out this week after AT&T announced last month on the updates they are planning, informing grandfathered customers that they are going to lose their access to the 100 hours DVR in their services starting in November. Now, the updates for the DVR for AT&T TV NOW seem almost done.

According to a software developer in AT&T during an interview, AT&T has been on the works this week with continuing to move their current DVR backend platform to a newer and much better system. Although the final set of AT&T TV NOW users had their DVR migrated over to the new system early in the week, the DVR update is still not complete.

On the other hand, some employees in AT&T has informed that offering an add-on, particularly, for the 10-Hour DVR, still remains on AT&T’s plans. The add-on will give their service customers an option to expand their DVR storage if they are fine paying extra for it.

Although AT&T still plans on making its 10-hour DVR add-on a reality, there is still no fixed date as to when the new add-on will be available since AT&T first unveiled the plans a year ago. For now, AT&T TV NOW customers are still waiting on any updates about the add-on.

For now, AT&T already offers a much better and overall improved DVR. It is currently running on the AT&T TV service and available to all its customers. However, there’s a catch. For users to get the newly improved DVR, they have to agree to AT&T’s contract that is set for 24 months.

On the other hand, customers are hoping that AT&T will follow through with bringing the DVR add-on to all their AT&T TV NOW customers soon, which they promised to launch over a year ago.

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