AT&T TV Now Subscribers Down by 37% in 12 Months

AT&T TV Now Subscribers Down by 37% in 12 Months

EL SEGUNDO, Calif. – AT&T released its earnings report for quarter three, showing AT&T TV NOW subscribers count down by about 37% in just 12 months.

Based on the reports AT&T released, the streaming services have already lost over 195,000 subscribers at the end of the third quarter of 2019. From their previous 1.86 million subscriber count, when AT&T TV NOW was still called DIRECTV, this year brought down the AT&T TV NOW subscribers to around 1,145,000 users.

In total, the streaming service is tracking a loss of more than 713,000 subscribers or 37% of its current customer base.

Based on some reports and data, one of the major factors causing the huge decline in subscriber count for AT&T TV NOW is cost.

In November 2016, when the former DIRECTV Now was first launched, it came with a considerable $35 per month. In July 2018, the price tag increased to $40 per month shortly after the launching of the low-cost service AT&T Watch TV.

In March 2019, the price tag for DIRECTV went up again, causing a lot of confusion to subscribers with grandfathered plans. Shorty in June, DIRECTV Now was rebranded to the current AT&T TV Now, but the price increase didn’t stop there.

In October, AT&T announced another price hike for its streaming service, which is expected to take effect this month. Currently, the price for AT&T TV Now Plus is at $65 per month, while AT&T TV Now Max costs $85 per month, making the streaming service one of the most expensive in the live TV streaming market.

Although the rebranding of streaming service didn’t include a lot of changes in the service itself, it caused a lot of confusion, which might have also affected the decreasing number of their subscribers.

On the other hand, AT&T’s focus at the moment lies mostly on bringing HBO Max to the masses, which is expected to launch early next year, leaving AT&TTV Now in the back burner at the moment.




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