Netflix Announced Content Deal with JTBC in Korea

Netflix Announced Content Deal with JTBC in Korea

LOS GATOS, Calif. – Netflix announced content deal with JTBC Content Hub, a known producer in Korea, which marks the second news within the week announcing such pact.

With the content deal, Netflix and JTBC will join forces in developing and showcasing the prime-time TV drama from the Korean producer globally. The deal also includes optimizing what they will choose to present to the greater parts of the world from the long list of the upcoming series of JTBC.

The content deal with Netflix, and JTBC will take off in 2020. However, it is not the first rodeo of the two companies together. Netflix and JTBC had already worked with each other before, for two years, when Netflix commissioned 600 hours of both the scripted and unscripted TV shows of JTCB in April 2017.

The recent deal is not a shocking news as Netflix has already said that shows produced by JTBC have been extremely successful among their fans from all over the world, which includes contents such as “Something in the Rain,” My Country: The New Age,” “Life,” and “Sky Castle.”

According to the statement given by JTBC, it said that the trust between them and Netflix would be further solidified by the new agreement they’ve signed. The statement also expressed how the agreement will help drive the entrance of JTBC as a global production house that can create high-quality content into more markets overseas.

JTBC is a bit new to the industry, as it was only launched in 2011. However, the production firm has quickly become one of the most flourishing private-owned broadcasters in the country.

Before the announcement of Netflix partnering with JTBC, the streaming giant has previously reported that they are signing a similar content deal with the Studio Dragon firm by CJ ENM. It wasn’t also the first time that the two companies are joining forces as it was more of an extension of their existing working relationship.

With Netflix partnering with both the Studio Dragon firm and JTBC suggest that Korean TV contents are becoming an important factor in streaming platforms both in Asia and in other parts of the globe.

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