Comcast Broadcast TV Hikes Up Price Again, Plus 50% Now

Comcast Broadcast TV Hikes Up Price Again, Plus 50% Now

PHILADELPHIA, Penn. – Comcast broadcast TV hikes up the price again, expected to raise its subscription price to about 50% more starting on December 18.

Comcast recently gave a statement on their plans for a nationwide hike, citing reasons for the price hike after medias called out their move on Sunday. The telecommunications conglomerate blamed the increasing transmission fees that broadcasters are imposing. Before the statement Comcast released, Cord Cutters News posted questions about the price hike, which has also included a link to a PDF that shows the new rates for some of the Comcast TV subscribers in Georgia.

In the released statement, Comcast said that the increasing programming costs, especially for sports and broadcast TV, continues to be one of the massive factors that cause price hike for content distributors as well as their subscribers and customers. Comcast also stated that while they try to absorb the additional programming costs as much as they can, it will eventually have a significant effect on the price of the services they offer to their subscribers.

The broadcast TV price of Comcast will go up by close to 50% of its current $10 price, going towards $14.95/month starting on December 18. With the upcoming price increase, it will bring about a 460% rise for the fee of Comcast’s TV service in just under five years.

Further, the basic TV package of Comcast will rise by $5, going towards $35/month, which includes local TV networks, educational, government, and public channels, plus a basic DVR service.

Comcast’s internet service will also blow up by $3 per month for most of their plans, except for Gigabit Pro. The returned payment fee for Comcast is also expected to increase by $10, sending it towards $30 per month. The voice equipment and modem rental feel offered by Comcast will go up by $1, going towards $14.

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