PlayStation Vue Takes Off On-Demand Section and Search

Playstation Vue Takes Off On-Demand Section and Search

SAN MATEO, Calif. – PlayStation Vue takes off on-demand section and search from some of their devices.

For subscribers of the PlayStation Vue still hanging around the service until it shuts down, which is set to discontinue their service on January 30, 2020, some have noticed several missing features in their devices today. Sony has already removed some of the features that were previously included in its apps, which include the on-demand section and the search menu that was originally available on some devices.

Unfortunately, Sony hasn’t given any statement or comment about the recent changes they have made. Although for some devices, other subscribers can still see the search icon. However, when they try to search for content, it will not lead to any results.

On the positive part for those making the most out of their subscription, the on-demand contents for the PlayStation are still available for streaming, although it has become a bit tricky to find. Instead of the search menu, subscribers looking for the on-demand contents has to go to the home page of the channel and start looking for the show they want to watch through there. As the end of PlayStation Vue is looming over, the easy and convenient central location for everything on demand is now a thing of the past for the streaming service.

Recently, subscribers were a bit in shock when Sony announced PlayStation Vue would be discontinued, and since then, cord-cutters have been jumping ship and looking for other live TV streaming services, although some are still hanging on until the service ends next year.

With only a little over two months before PlayStation Vue will be part of streaming history, the sudden end of support from Sony has caught a lot of subscribers and other cord-cutters off guard. To make matters worse, Sony hasn’t given any comments or an official statement about the changes. But given Sony’s history, most cord-cutters are not expecting any statement from then onwards.

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