Disney+ Soars, Yielding Unexpected Beneficiaries in the Process

Disney+ Soars, Yielding Unexpected Beneficiaries in the Process

BURBANK, Calif. – Since its launch from around two weeks ago, Disney+ soars into new heights in the streaming industry.

Disney+ started out great since its launch date, excluding the technical glitches the service experienced during the first day. On the first day the streaming service was launched, it has already attracted over 10 million subscribers, bringing Disney to fresh all-time highs.

Although some cord-cutters fans suspected that the strong start for the Disney+ wouldn’t sustain its rate, evidence after a couple of weeks since it was launched shows otherwise. The streaming service continued to gain momentum since its debut and is now currently looking at a 15.5 million app downloads only after 13 days.

The numbers from Apptopia suggests that Disney+ has been having millions of downloads daily for the past two weeks. But, it’s also worth noting that the numbers of app downloads don’t include the subscriptions for Smart TVs. So, it’s possible that Disney+ subscribers might even be significantly higher than the 15.5 million mark.

On the other hand, before the launch of Disney+, streaming wars have been going on as more and more streaming services, and platforms come out. Many have believed that Disney+ would negatively impact some of the existing streaming services in the market, but it turns out that with the launching of Disney+, there are unexpected beneficiaries.

In two weeks since its launch, Disney+ has had a great moment, but so as other streaming services. Instead of pulling under the existing streaming platforms, data suggests that Disney’s entry has surprising beneficiaries as current streaming leaders such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO, and AT&T TV has been thriving as well. Most of the streaming services already established before the Disney+ launch have been at the edge of their seats, waiting for how Disney+ would affect their respective services. It turns out that they have nothing to worry about, aside from staying relevant to cord cutters, as their user session trends have remained uninterrupted despite the new highs Disney+ is getting.

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