Old Netflix Accounts Reactivated by Hackers Without Permission

Old Netflix Accounts Reactivated by Hackers Without Permission

LOS GATOS, Calif. – Some old Netflix accounts reactivated by hackers without their permission, former Netflix users have warned.

Streaming service users who had a previous subscription to Netflix are warning people that old accounts on the streaming service may have been reactivated by hackers, which could eventually cause them charged with the subscription fee.

After deactivation of accounts or cancellation of subscription in Netflix, the streaming service holds data of the user for ten months. User data includes the billing details which will be retained in the system unless the customer will request its deletion through email.

According to the streaming service, they retain customer data for that long a time to make it convenient for their customers to subscribe to the service again if they change their minds later on.

However, keeping the data posts risks of fraudsters getting a hold of the login details of dormant accounts, which they could use to reactivate the accounts without the users knowing any of it.

Emily Keen, a former Netflix subscriber, told in an interview that she cancelled her Netflix subscription last April. But, according to her, she was charged with a monthly Netflix subscription fee in September. Later, she tried logging in to her Netflix account but was prompted that her email and password are not recognized.

According to her, it turns out that the hackers have changed the login details for her account but used her billing details to pay for the most expensive subscription service on Netflix.

Although Ms Keen was assured by the streaming service giant that her account would be blocked, she was still charged for the subscription cost in October and November with only a part of the fees refunded.

Several ex-Netflix subscribers also took their experiences on social media, saying that their accounts were also hacked, with hackers continuing to use their credit cards for free.

On the other hand, a spokesperson for Netflix told in an interview that the streaming service is using a variety of measures to help keep their member’s data private and to contact them immediately if users notice unusual activities on their accounts.

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