DISH Demands Subscriber Names from IPTV Sellers

DISH Demands Subscriber Names from IPTV Sellers

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. – DISH demands subscriber names, telling IPTV sellers to hand them over so they can send their subscribers a demand letter.

TV users who have subscribed to some of the popular IPTV services such as OF2, Vader Streams, Epic TV, Murica Streams, Nitro TV, Beast TV, and MFG TV, have been warned that DISH is trying to know who they are.

The news about DISH demanding IPTV sellers to hand out the names of their subscribers came from Boom Media, an IPTV reseller that has sold several of the most popular IPTV services all over the US. The company has already sold the likes of Epic TV, Nitro TV, Beat TV, MFG TV, Murica Streams, and many others.

Now, reports say that DISH is trying to sue Boom Media with demands of damages as well as the list of subscribers to their services.

According to a report, John Henderson, one of the owners of Boom Media, is asking for help. He was reportedly asking for donations if about $250,000, so the reseller can fight against DISH in handing over the subscriber list they have.

According to Henderson, what DISH is trying to do with such lawsuits is that they are using them and turning those lawsuits into a stream of revenue. He said that the underlying problem isn’t about the lawsuit or protecting anything, but it has become about gaining information of subscribers to send them letters demanding them to pay $3,500 like they have been doing to everyone else.

Reports have also said that DISH was able to obtain lists of subscribers from other IPTV services, which they allegedly used to send demand letters valued $3,500. Otherwise, they will turn over the names to their attorneys for further legal actions.

Based on the reported history of how DISH uses the names on the list they have already obtained, it is more likely that they will send $3,500 demand letters to more subscribers. Although whether Boom Media can or cannot fight against the demands from DISH to hand over those list of subscribers, is another question.

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