Merger Will See Eight Streaming Services Under One Roof

Merger Will See Eight Streaming Services Under One Roof

NEW YORK, New York – The merging of Viacom and CBS on December 4th into ViacomCBS will result in eight streaming services clustered under one parent company. What follows is an assessment of the eight services that will be under ViacomCBS’ wing once the merger bcomes official.

CBS All Access

CBS All Access includes the entirety of CBS’s content library. With a subscription from CBS All Access comes access to full episodes of all CBS series, as well as a live broadcast feed from the nearest CBS station. Additionally, CBS All Access will feature exclusive originals such as Star Trek: Discovery, The Good Fight, and Why Women Kill.

CBS Sports HQ

CBS Sports HQ covers CBS’s sports content. Mainly, this entails news coverage on different sports teams and players, as well as live broadcasts and highlights of games.


A premium channel often added on as added value to several live TV streaming services, Showtime is also available on its own in the form of a mobile. Content-wise, Showtime is home mostly to original series, such as Homeland, Shameless, and Billions. It also offers a wide selection of films.

ET Live

Primarily focused on entertainment news, ET Live’s most prominent feature is its 24/7 live updates on entertainment news, as well as a live feed of Entertainment Tonight.


Offering 24/7 digital streaming news, CBSN delivers CBS News’ original news reporting to a wider selection of devices. CBSN is designed to broadcast constant, free, high-quality news wherever and whenever.


BET+ hosts series, movies, and originals that amount to more than 1,000 hours of content. Titles such as Meet The Browns, Bigger, Single Ladies, First Wives Club, and more appear in BET+’s expansive lineup.

Pluto TV

Developed to deliver free TV, Pluto TV features curated channels that display movies, TV shows, and videos from the internet and beyond. After the ViacomCBS merger, PlutoTV will remain a free service.


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